About Us…if you REALLY want to know.

Hey…it’s Robin.  I’m starting…stamped it, no erasing.  I’m NOT tall OR blonde, despite some people trying to form this picture of me in their minds.  I like things that are OUTSIDE (kayaking, hiking, skiing, my car).  I like hockey, and hot people who play hockey.  I like cheescake.  I like red shoes.  My favourite dog is the English Bulldog because it RULES.

Okay, my turn – it’s Brian Bailey

I’m definitely the best looking one on Kool Mornings.  What can I say about working with Robin and Danny The Intern?  It’s like walking into a pack of wild dogs who have just decided to run away with the circus. 

I grew up in London ON, graduated from broadcasting at Fanshawe College and started my radio career in Belleville ON.  Then it was on to Sudbury ON and Red Deer AB before moving to The Most Beautiful City In Canada.  Take THAT, every other city!

 Wud up everybody, it’s Danny The Intern!
I’m just gonna put it out there so that there is no more surprises. I’m a grown man, bald and round. There you have it.  So when you meet me for the first time your response shouldn’t be “oh, I pictured you differently!”

I’m a really big soccer fan, so big that I am paying Shaw cable a ridiculous amount of cash for one soccer channel, and a relatively okay amount for 2 other channels. But whatever, don’t tell my wife.
HA!!!!!!! I told her its part of a package.

I have a dog, he’s an American Staffordshire Terrier and his name is Deebo. ( I named him after a character in the film “Friday” ) I also have a son, his name is Mattias but Robin and Brian call him ‘the Junior Intern’ because they want to also make HIM work without having to pay him.


61 responses to “About Us…if you REALLY want to know.

  1. i listen to your radio show every morning i just love it !!!

  2. I listen every morning too its the only thing that gets me up! I refuse to be woken up by the BEEP BEEP BEEP from the alarm clock, along with many other people. They even have a facebook group for it! Its called “snooze button” fans hahal i love it! ill be listening tomorrow morning xoxo luv ya!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!!!! (well…for monday) lol

  4. every morning our daughters and i listen to your show; they don’t want to go to school, but they LOOOVE your show

    you are fun & you make our mornings fun!

    thank you

  5. Danny the Intern is the best part of Kool FM. So- I think we should lobby for Kool FM to hire him. Go, Danny the Intern.

  6. I LOVE your show!!!!! Listening to it right now!! i went to victoria like a billon times and i found this one chick with 107.3 kool f.m water bottles!! (i took 5 😉 well anyways i llllllooooovvvvee your show i will be talking to you guys later on the radio woot woot!!

  7. Hi I listen to your show every morning, and I just have to say its the best EVAR!..Makes me look forward to the mornings, what a great way to wake up!

    ps Robin wicked pictures from Egypt 😉

  8. omg o luv u guys i listen to you every morning on the way to school your so AWESOME!! but um where can i vote for songs? 🙂

  9. We listen to your station every morning on our way to school and work.
    You guys are pretty funny!

  10. This is my first time to this website, you guys look totally different than I pictured! Not too bad. lol.
    I wake up to 107.3 kool fm every morning!

    PS Hire Danny already!

  11. you guy are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wake up to you every morning


    P.S. Danny the intern is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please, Robin and Brian join up on Twitter. I hate Facebook.

  13. OMG i love kool fm. You guys make me laugh so much, i am aways listening to the radio in the morning when im getting ready for school at school when i come home on the computer and i bring my radio in the shower.and leave it on when im taking a shower i noe i noe im crazy!
    you guys look way diffrent than i pictured!Nice hair robin!

  14. Hey Robin……I quess they start dreaming when there young about what you might look like.lol
    My son is 9yrs old, and he said…”wow, mom ..I thought she was blonde!” Why blonde???? I quess they think all nice voices on the radio should look like Pam Anderson, or something.lol
    Thought it was kinda funny, so I thought Id share it.
    He loves the station aswell, and enjoys your humour.

  15. Well, If I was a lesbian, I would definitivly going out with Robyn…I love you voice and you are so funny, but fortunatly for my husband, I’m not…
    On the other hand, Danny “THE INTERn” has the most sexiest voices…Oh my God, I could listen to you for hours, but my husband find you voice annoying… And Bryan, I like when you said to Robyn, if she had sexy under the three..that was priceless….
    Godd job all, I’m a regular listennng to all of your funny stuff, and a proud participing to your success….

  16. You guys seriously kick ass. Nothing like a good laugh with a cuppa timmies first thing in the morning. Oh yes- doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks for making mornings a little more bearable!! 🙂

  17. Hey guys just wanted to say that my daughter and I listen to you every morning you guys are AWESOME!!! But more music would be great…lol=)

  18. hi kool fm is the only raido i will ever listen to and robin is really funny brian not so much xoxoxoxoxXOoXOoxoOXOoxoOXOxoOXox justina

  19. you guys are sooo awesome!!! i listen pretty much every morning…unless i’m sleeping in, which happens occasionally…but still!! where’s the picture of Chia Obama?

  20. You guys are pretty much my alrm clock 😛
    I wake up to you every morning, your very loud and annoyingly funny and really useful 🙂 Love the music, the storys and you guys!

    question: Robin…how many co-host have you worked with since you were on this station?….it seems like alot

    – kat 🙂

  21. .. i don’t think there is a time I’m NOT listening… nope never

  22. I think you two are the best. Some days I can not stop laughing in my car or at home. Your radio show rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work on the air.

  23. keep rockin Brian!!! swweeeetttt deal man!!! halloween is coming up pretty quick we want to see SPIDY MANG AGAIN!!

  24. Hey Robin….from my dedicated listening, I can tell you that your favorite saying is actually “well, there’s something to think about”….I actually find myself saying it, because of you.
    And, I love the intern of the people 🙂

  25. Selina (that drives the not so shifty brown and white Ford pickup)

    I HEART KOOL FM AND DANNY THE INTERN…. (sup Danny?) just thought everyone was doing this the other way so I’d be different!! Hahaha

    p.s. I also heart Brian and Robin – you guys brighten my days FO SHO!!! and Robin – I dispute and say that your saying is “this is gonna be HUGE!!!” but hey, maybe I just think that cause I say it!!!

  26. I try to listen to you every morning to get me going. I have even called a few times. your sense of humor makes me laugh out loud on the bus, people may think i’m nutty. I don’t care. thanks for making life fun!!

  27. HI ROBIN AND BRIAN U 2 R The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Well, add another to the list of those that wake up to hearing you guys n gal in the morning! It is the best!

    My boys, Dirk & Marshall, love hearing you too. We listen on the way to school and me on the way to work.

    You play the best music, have the most laughs…

    Danny, your priceless!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!

    heart you!

  29. You guys are the best i listen to kool fm every day!

  30. Hey Robin and Brian!
    Im Jane from Monterey Middle, I am 13 years old, am in grade 8 and i listen to your show every morning from 7:30-8:20
    On friday there is an event going on world wide called the Vow of Silence
    My school is taking part and I am going silent for 24 hours.
    No texting facebook or notes!
    I am also collecting pledges. The money i raise is going to Free the Children a nonprofit organization of kids helping kids. This silence is to represent the children in the world who do not have a voice not physicaly but do not have a say in what they do. My school disrict has adopted a village in Equado through Free the Children. this is an amazing event and I would love if you, Robin and Brian would support the Vow of Silence and Free the Children!

  31. You guys are sooo funny! I wake up to you every morning. I also listen to you when i do my homwork. PS can you play some muse!!!!!!

  32. Hello Robin, Brian and Danny! I listen to you guys every morning before school and make me laugh and once my mom came in my room and was like why are you laughing? anyways…you guys sound like you have alot of fun…well anyways…MARRY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

  33. Hey 🙂
    You guys are great, you guys wake me up at 6:30am every morning , at get me going. Thank you. I deffantly had a picture in mind about you guys , and you look way diffrent, good thing im an open minded person , lol. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST , Keep up the good work and… I love the kool countdowns 🙂
    Have fun guys , Thanks for the awesome music.

  34. wandering what todays welness tip was for the hang over? thanks

    • Hi Jackie – Brad’s secret to avoiding the hangover is a) drink a glass of water after each alcoholic drink b) take vitamin C, vitamin B1 Thiamine and a supplement called N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). Bottoms up!

  35. You guys rock!!! I listen to your show EVERY morning on my long drive to work and you guys make it so much more better!!! you guys are HALARIOUS!!

  36. Hey guys!Oh my god you are hilariouse i always listen to the radio.And you rock every morning i listen to you guys and you are the funniest out of everybody!

  37. ROBIN, YOU KICK BRIANS A$$ lol sry brian hehe

  38. Holy crap- Is this all you have for responses? I thought you had more listeners. How come I don’t ever win anything if there’s only 38 listeners?

    So- Brian- you should be worried- Everybody leaves Kool FM except Robin Farrell. I love Robin and you’re the best replacement for Ray so far…. just don’t let your guard down… Danny may eventually get hired because there’s nobody left to hire. (Everyone else just moved to Vancouver… Hmmmm)

  39. Hello! So i just wanted to tell you, Robin and Brian, that i listen to you every morning on my ipod, and you guys are hilarious!! so funny, that i will be sitting on the bus (which is full of people) minding my own business and usually burst out laughing cuz of something you guys said.. thats slightly embarrassing, but i wouldnt give it up cuz you guys are awesome!..

    guess what, the other morning i heard, i think it was brian, telling everyone that michael buble will be in van in august.. so that afternoon i went home to buy tickets, cuz honestly i think im in love with that man hahha.. hes amazing. anyway… he was sold out within hours 😦 .. i was TERRIBLEY upset.. i just thought i would tell you lol

    by the way DANNY THANKS FOR THE KOOL FM MUG!.. he gave it to me on the street one morning 🙂

    any way.. random blurb from me, i know..
    you guys are awesome! i love your show!

    hails 🙂

  40. i love 107.3 kool fm

  41. Hey Kool Morning People,
    I am not sure why I am leaving a comment, peer pressure, after reading all the others I felt I had to, society is like that, we are all followers. Also to say that I am feeling bad for you Brian, clearly people are not noticing your subtle humour, or not so subtle humour, they are on here raving about Robin, whom I do love, and Danny, who goes missing for extended periods of time… but rarely do they mention how funny you are. YOU are hilarious quite independently of the other two. I just wanted to make sure you felt included … Oh and where do you keep Danny in between the times he is present on air?? It concerns me a little, just sayin…

  42. 107.3 you guys rock;-)listen to kool fm every day.You guys make me laugh ;-)awesome! i love your show!

  43. Omg , i luv all u guys. U just always make me laugh , keep up the good work. !

  44. i love to listen to your show every mornin when me and my cousin is off to work at millbay… it seems like your show and your music energizes us for the entire day… keep it up and Xoxo!!!

    Robin and Brian – a team to beat!!!

  45. hey robin my whole family loves the radio homor :D…….also the song “we bike” is so great!

  46. i listin too you everymorning and i love you guys you guys rock can you play akon right now nana

  47. Brian! Listening to you in London!

  48. Hey! Im from victoria, but I’ve been living in the Czech Republic since August, and the thing I miss most about victoria is listening to you guys….so I listen live online when I can 🙂
    I love you guys, I’m so happy you guys do what you love.

  49. u guys own
    ur my fav radio station
    i listen 2 u every day!!!!!!!!!!

  50. KOOL FM has to be my all time favorite radio station. I cant go anywhere or do anything with out waking up to the witty humour of Robin and hearing about Danny the intern on the bus with Santa. I dont know what i would do without you guys. 🙂

  51. wayne rooney lover

    You guys rock! thanks for being so funny! and please play we r who we r by kesha more please! oh and more by usher!

  52. Robyn, when you laugh playing beat the bank it’s hilarious! 🙂

  53. wayne rooney lover

    u r awesome!!! love u blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! halarious!

  54. love listening to you groovy freaks in the morning…super funny…..
    it would have been a serious laugh fest having you here live….
    I sooo would have called into work blind and told them i couldnt see myself coming in…

  55. Hey Guys!!!
    Love listening to your show every morning… and today (21 Feb) I heard you guys mention actress turn singer… If you like her version of “Hallelujah” then please check out the last Christmas Performance at The Royal Theatre version of that song by Stephanie Greaves and Ken Lavigne with the Naden Band… I think you’d like it.
    Thanks for all your great work!!!!

  56. I love listening to you guys every morning! You play the best music 2. 🙂

  57. Lol you guys are so funny, it’s such a great way to start my morning.

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