1. “What’s wrong with you?”  It feels like you don’t respect him, and if you think he did something wrong this time he’ll never offer to do it again. 

2. “What were you thinking?!”  When your husband shares with you how a situation backfired on him, he’s looking for some compassion and support, not your Simon Cowell impression

 3. “That’s all you did?” If you have an expectation of something that your husband is going to do, you have to own your assumptions and remember he’s not a mind reader.

 4. “Stop touching me!” There’s a nicer way to let him know you’re not really in the mood.  Give him a kiss and let him know you’re saving up you’re energy to rock his world the next time.

 5. “You’re pathetic.”   This one’s just plain hurtful, and no good can come out of that kind of statement.


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