After hearing about Prince William’s 30th birthday and how he was spending it at home with Kate having a quiet dinner and watching a movie on the couch, we thought “What do you miss from when you were single that you can’t do now?”

10. Meeting new people – not just “couple friends”

9. Not sharing the remote – you want to watch your guilty pleasure shows!

8. Shameless flirting – or checking out someone sexy without getting “busted”

7. Random hook-ups – it can be exciting and unpredictable

6. Not “checking-in” – you can make plans or change plans on a whim

5. The Chase – the feeling of being desired and having opportunities

4. Travelling solo – visiting the places you want to for as long as you want to

3. Being selfish – Putting yourself first.  You can eat cereal for dinner if you want

2. A good night’s rest – No snoring, no flailing limbs

1. Spontaneity – Being able to get up and go.  It’s hard to pop out of the house if you’re watching the kids and making dinner!


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