The average person spends 14 years of their life on a diet, what’s your #1 diet trigger?  Mine is the Island Farms Vanilla plus Chocolate Treasure ice cream.  Because it’s so good I end up halfway through the carton and then realize something has to change!  ~BB


  1. Being shocked at how big you look in a photograph
  2. Catching a glimpse of yourself in a shop window or mirror
  3. Realising you couldn’t fit into a favorite pair of jeans
  4. Finding you have to buy a bigger dress size
  5. Looking through old photos and seeing how much weight you have put on since
  6. Preparing for a holiday abroad
  7. Feeling self-conscious when swimming
  8. Attending a wedding
  9. A good friend loses weight and looks amazing
  10. Attending a special party
  11. Preparing for your own wedding
  12. Realizing you are the fattest person in the office
  13. Being asked if you are pregnant
  14. Your sex life has dwindled
  15. A partner loses weight and you’re the only fat one
  16. Getting back into the dating game after being dumped
  17. Being cheated on
  18. Envying a sibling who has lost weight
  19. Starting a new job
  20. Suspecting a partner is having an affair

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