Wear your pink proud and stand up to mean people who suck.  HUGE thanks to 17 year old Robin Scheidal for sharing her story with us.  Robin was bullied BADLY at school when she was younger.  She got help and now enters WESTCOAST PAGEANTS using ANTI-BULLYING as her platform! She’s even been invited to represent BC for Miss Teen Canada this year!! WAY TO GO ROBIN!!! If your kids are being bullied and need help, go to KIDS HELP PHONE http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/teens/home/splash.aspx, the W.I.T.S. program http://www.rocksolid.bc.ca/wits_program.html, or PERSONAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS for CYBER-BULLYING SPECIFICALLY http://www.personalprotectionsystems.ca/. Be a friend…not a bully!



  1. If you are a corporation seeking to improve staff morale,improve productivity,or develop better customar relations skills,you may want to consider trainings to anti-bullying or school violence.If you are a social service agency,mental healthl,or Seminar about conflict resolution organization,you may be more interested in training topics related to school violence,expert witness and self Injurious Behavior or cyberbullying or Interviewing techniques for children and Adolescents.

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