Answer: Maybe!  Victoria’s own Adam Henkel entered a video contest called “Are You Nash Enough” so we want to help him win a trip to NYC to shoot a commercial with Steve Nash!  Click here:



  1. Thanks Again you guys! Just so Ya’ll know, the voting is until January 31 and you can vote 3 times a day! (Every 8 hours) Let’s keep “Nash Enough” in Victoria!

  2. Adam Henkel is totally NASH enough!!! Voting daily!!

  3. Adam is currently about 1200 votes ahead! Thanks Victoria..keep it up! 3 times a day every eight hours until January 31st. You guys are awesome! Lets keep “Nash Enough” in Victoria!

  4. Hey Victoria! I KNOW you like to rally together when the goin gets tough. Adam Henkel is now behind in the votes in the “are you Nash enough” contest!. His rival has a famous singer from India who is helping him get the word out. Please continue to go to the vitamin water canada sight and vote for Adam Henkel’s video! You can vote 3 times a day and they count it every 8 hours. THANKS Kool listeners!! Team Adam!

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