RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS KINDNESS!! If Asma can do it, why can’t we all??

It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort do something nice for someone else this holiday season.  http://xmasfun.com/RandomActsOfKindness.aspx 

I received this email on Friday afternoon from one AWESOME KOOL FM listener named ASMA. I think it reminds us all to “PAY IT FORWARD” when we can:

“Hello Robin,

I hope you are doing well!! Love the morning show … *smiles* I wanted to share with you my new December story:  
I am writing to spread the joy of the holidays. Every year, it’s a dreadful moment when it’s time to deal with the Christmas shoppers! So, this year, I’ve decided to take power to make a shift in myself to spread joy instead of being so HUM-BUG!
I found a cool idea on the web and recreated it to fit me … It’s called “You’ve been RACK’D (Random Act Of Christmas Kindness) For 25 days I am preforming ONE random act of Christmas Kindness per day. I started Dec. 1 and I am now on day 2. 
The first day, I bought a $5 Starbucks card and left a note, gave it back to the barista lady and asked her to give it to the the next customer who came in. Trust me, early mornings (as you must know) those who love coffee would appreciate it. I love coffee and sometimes it just taste better when it’s free! *smiles*
Today, I bought five $1 scratch and wins, “Monkey $ee, Monkey Do” and handed it to one person. Each RACK’D comes with a card that states you’ve been RACK’D (with a blurb) and asks them to Spread the Joy! 
I do this in hope it will create a chain of happiness and fun!! Granted not everyone has $5 per day but it can be also something that doesn’t cost money … I know each day will be different (some will cost & others won’t), yet it’ll be rewarding & fun! 
I love December, and I have prepared to be generous and be full of gratitude! 
Replacing HUM-BUG with Generosity & Happiness”
BEST!!!!!! xo Robin 🙂

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