Need somewhere to store your leftovers?  This week in the KOOL Mornings test lab, we’re trying out DEBBIE MEYER GREEN BAGS!  They claim to absorb and remove damaging gases that make your fruits and vegetables go bad, so we took some leftover salad items from last weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner and put them in bags in the fridge.  Please see the photos below to see the RIGHT and WRONG way to use Debbie Meyer Green Bags. Guess which one of us didn’t read the directions?

After 1 week in the fridge, the spinach and onion in the Debbie Meyer Green Bag still looks fresh compared to the soggy test bag.  The mushrooms are on their way out, but they grow in poop, so that’s not surprising.  What’s even more surprising? No one else in the office threw away our test lab items or used them in our lunch!! YAY!!!


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