SELENA GOMEZ is HERE!!! Watch for KOOL DUDE 14 dancing up a storm at the show tonight!

Let us know if you see her!  We had 4 last minute tickets to give away this morning and lots of special requests.  Sorry we couldn’t give tickets to everyone, but we got this email from SUN MARSHALL the other day:

“Hi Robin and Brian, thanks for making me laugh in the mornings 🙂 i’m at childrens hospital with my son Montana who calls himself cool dude 14 (he’s 14!) We spend alot of time here but he is always positive and we always make the best of it. I attached a couple pics. One of him dancing in the ICU! He loves to dance and he loves Selena Gomez….. He wants to see her concert so bad and me being a single mom of 3 boys (he has twin 3yr old brothers) I can’t make his dream come true. But perhaps I could beg someone who can to help….. Pleeeeeeeeeze help me make a boy the happiest 3 time open heart patient around!! How am I doing?

Love, Sun – the begging momma lol!”

We didn’t make her beg that much.  We gave Sun and Montana 4 tickets to the show tonight so they could take their family, but instead, they “re-gifted” 2 of the tickets to lucky KOOL FM listener Michelle.  Selena Gomez and KOOL FM…bringing new friends together!


3 responses to “SELENA GOMEZ is HERE!!! Watch for KOOL DUDE 14 dancing up a storm at the show tonight!

  1. Thank you so much Kool FM, Robin and Brian! Montana thanked me for never giving up (trying to get him tickets) Today you made me “the best mom in the whole world” nothing better than hearing your kid say that 🙂 Montana is a rock star in his own right and I am thrilled he gets to rock out with Selena tonight, he deserves so much and when I am unable to provide it knowing there are people out there that can and will help is amazing. thank you. Sun

  2. As a friend of Sun and Montana, i would like to thank you for making a dream come true, for a truly wonderful young man, i have been there friends for 12+ yrs and i know what this will mean to Montana, he is a huge fan, I mean HUGE, and he will always remember it, thank you once again.
    John Freemantle

  3. Had to tell you it was great to see this picture of Sun and Montana – I worked with Sun when we were 18! I am so glad that her and Montana got to go to the show. Montana went to daycare with my daughter and he is a pretty amazing guy! Paula

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