Congrats to our final winner, LEVI HUTSON and the BEST GRANDMA EVER…TRACY HUTSON for getting a REAL KOOL FM TATTOO of our logo on her SHOULDER!!  NOW THAT’S commitment to winning SELENA GOMEZ BACKSTAGE PASSES!  THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all your AWESOME entries for our CAUSE A SCENE-A FOR SELENA CONTEST!  We’re sorry we couldn’t pick everyone, but we wanted to acknowlege a few of the AWESOME videos we did receive which we feel deserve honourable mentions for their effort.  Check out the links below for some great SCENE-A CAUSING!! If you DIDN’T win tickets with this contest, PLEASE KEEP LISTENING TO KOOL FM!  On WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 12th, we’ll be giving away tickets ALL DAY LONG! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  xo R&B

Chris Chong – The KOOL Spell:

Tyler and Eric:

Alexa and Brody:

Emma and Riley:

Sarah and Andrea:

Rachel and Maddy:


Sage, Leanne and Monica:



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