KOOL FM’S BEAT THE BANK: more than just a contest?

We sure think so.  Meet SILENA (holding the envelope above) and her kids KALEB, ASIA and LOTUS.  SILENA played BEAT THE BANK with us WEDNESDAY morning.  She COULD have won $25,000, but she only took $500 of it.  THEN we got an email tip from a friend of Silena’s who wanted us to know that for Silena, winning $500 was just as good as winning 25 grand.  She’s an awesome person, a great mother, and has been working her butt off to save cash for a trip to visit her sister in Portugal.  Oh…and did we mention…her son KALEB (on the left next to Brian) is SHAVING HIS HEAD tomorrow at the COPS FOR CANCER TOUR DE ROCK FINALE in CENTENNIAL SQUARE so that KIDS WITH CANCER CAN GO TO CAMP!!!! Enter KOOL FM listener SHELLEY (FAR RIGHT) who hears us read the email on the air, and offers to MATCH the $500 she won with Beat the Bank the other day out of her OWN POCKET.  THAT’S SO NICE!!!! KOOL FM’S BEAT THE BANK.  Bringing people together and PAYING IT FORWARD.  If you can do something nice for someone today, please do.  It’s worth it. xo Robin


One response to “KOOL FM’S BEAT THE BANK: more than just a contest?

  1. I just really wanted to say thank you, to Kaleb, and his family. What an awesome group of people! Being slightly behind the scenes (and actually, shaving Kalebs head) at the event today in Spirit Square, meeting the family, hearing the story, and seeing someone so young care so much for others, was so overwhelmingly heart warming for me. I am one of the lucky ones, a very close family member of mine, has been in remission for over 10 years. It is because of people like Kaleb, going above and beyond to raise money to beat this, that I am so fortunate to still have this family member alive and well. Thank you again to everyone involved, and for letting me be a part of it.

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