LISA MARIE AND ALEX: 2 people, 1 life, 30 marriages….

….at least that’s what LISA MARIE GANT and ALEX PELLING are going for! After knowing each other for 10 years, they got married for the first time in June in the UK.  Now they’re on a 2-year world-wide trip.  The goal? To get married 30 times in various destinations.  They’ll go back to the one they loved the best after the trip is over, and THAT is the place where Lisa will officially take Alex’s name!  Next wedding: this FRIDAY AUGUST 26th at NECK POINT BEACH in Nanaimo – sunset wedding at 8pm if you can make it! I gave them some wedding gifts when they swung by this morning.  It looks like they’re already putting them to good use! Follow their adventures here:  I will be!! xo Robin


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