I sponsor a child through World Vision.  He’s from Georgia and his name is Mkritch Movsesian.  He just turned 13 on March 26th and I sent him a package for his birthday including a card, map of the world (his fave subject is geography, photos of myself, my family, me riding my bike – apparently that’s his favourite activity too).

REJOICE!  A letter in the mail form Mkritch has arrived!! In Georgian it’s 2 pages long because all Georgian words are 40 characters each.  Translated into Emglish it’s 2 short paragraphs. Thank GOD for the World Vision translater!!  I have responded promptly with the following:

Gamarjobagenetsvalley Mkritch! (That means HI in Georgian…I know…TOO LONG! That’s why I’ve only learned 1 word so far)

So glad you liked your birthday gifts.  Also, thanks for saying I’m pretty.  I was careful to only include photos where I was standing next to people who aren’t as attractive as myself. 

Congrats on graduating 7th grade.  What an accomplishement! Please send a photocopy so I can sign off on your grades.  I would appreciate you NOT forging my signature. I really enjoyed hearing about your family!  They sound wonderful.  Your mom and I are almost the same age.  Do you like her better than me?

My family is also small – it’s just Paul and Carole Farrell, myself, and my brother Derek…plus his wife Penny and my 2 nephews Christopher and Nicholas.  They are your age and really fun like your friend Harutian you mentioned in your letter, although I have not met him.  I probably should because I want to make sure you are hanging out with quality people and not deadbeat losers. 

My birthday just passed on July 29th.  Don’t worry, Brian and Danny the Intern didn’t get me anything either,  but if you still want to send a gift, please don’t let it be oven mitts or a vaccume.

Love your other mother,

Robin  xoxo


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