STANLEY CUP FINAL: GAME 2. In case it wasn’t clear…WE WANT THE CUP!!

WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!!  Including my dad and I who went over to Vancouver this weekend for GAME 2 of the STANLEY CUP FINAL!!  A 3-2 win for us meant the streets of Vancouver went INSANE again.  Let’s just say that CANUCKS FEVER is alive and well, and so is PAUL FARRELL who is resting safely back in Victoria now after getting all wild and crazy at the big game.  Spotted in the crowd Saturday night:  #16 TREVOR LINDEN!!  Good thing I kept my shirt.  Also…great news: I’ve upgraded my 1989 foam finger to a new SUPER foam finger, so don’t get in my way.  I will SUPERPOKE YOU during Game 3 Monday night at 5pm! xo Robin


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