It’s a CANUCKS FRENZY all up in this house!!

HOLY CRAP!  Victoria is blazing with CANUCKS FEVER!!  Not only will you see the Vancouver Canucks flag blowing ABOOT in the breeze at the legislature, you’ll also see a similar one outside of City Hall (hello WIND?  A little help here?).  Also watch for Sir Johnny A. Macdonald Canuck on the front steps of City Hall.  I bet Mayor Dean Fortin is somehow behind this!!  There is a LUNCHTIME BALL HOCKEY game at CENTENNIAL SQUARE between 11:30 and 1:30 today.  It’s free to play, and there will be one each weekday during the Stanley Cup finals with equipment provided, so start brushing up on your skills!  DANNY THE INTERN celebrated at TIM HORTON’S CAMP DAY today at the Shelbourne/McKenzie location with a new VANCOUVER CREAM DONUT.  It was a HIT!  So is the HEY VANCOUVER! Canucks parody that local Victorians made at Sopranos Monday night.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers would be proud!  No matter how you look at it…this city is READY for GAME 1.  BRING IT BRUINS!  5pm tonight. LOUUUUUUUU!


One response to “It’s a CANUCKS FRENZY all up in this house!!

  1. If you want to see something pretty sweet check out U Tube A Boston Bruins Fan in Vancouver (Stanley Cup Final 2011). Just got it from a friend. its a must see.

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