BLIIING!  I am pleased to report that I, and 1200 of my closest friends, gathered at the legislature yesterday at 7am to start out on the epic Tour de Victoria!  What’s even better is that I MADE it all the way to the end in 6.5 hours.  HA!  Congrats to RYDER HESJEDAL and TREK PRO CITY’S JAMIE CAMERON for crossing the finish line first together (note…I’m pretty sure I would have been up there too, but there were hundreds of people in my way).  Congrats to everyone who came out and completed the rides and congrats to ME for doing the MUNN’S ROAD timed portion in 16:21!  Hey…405th place is better than last!  Shoutout to my group from our 2010 Tour de Rock team and our friends for riding it out with me. Special shoutout to the TC photographer for snapping KOOL photos of us when I wasn’t looking, AND for whoever wrote “ROBIN ROCKS” with sidewalk chalk on the MUNNS ROAD HILL!  I’m not sure if it was intended for me, but it sure made me go faster!! xo Robin


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