THE DISNEY WONDER. EPIC…WONDERFUL…and the tallest building in Victoria!

It’s a SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL…when a DISNEY SHIP comes all the way from LA to VICTORIA!! 🙂 Meet THE DISNEY WONDER!  DISNEY-ISH.  WONDEROUS.  And docked today at Ogden point for a limited time only armed with 2400 visitors from lands far far away….OR the United States of America.  Hi ho…Hi ho…it’s off to sea we go!  HOLLA to our hosts…CAPTAIN THORD HAUGEN, CAPTAIN MICKEY MOUSE, ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR CHRISTIAN and our TOUR HOST CHRISTI ERWIN-DONNAN for showing us the ropes and showing us around!  WE showed THEM a little too much skin when we stripped down to our suits and jumped in Mickey’s Pool.  Whatever…it really IS the happiest place on earth…so why wouldn’t we go swimming?!  Watch for THE DISNEY WONDER again in port this fall for dry docking…or better yet…book yourself on board for a trip to ALASKA! Go here: because you’ll want to go THERE!


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